a worthwhile investment

The Silk’n hair removal system is working. What is left of my beard was turning white anyway plus I have also had 6 treatments of laser in the past, but this product is helping to clear more of the remaining hair. My aim is to use less makeup, and this is how I can tell it’s working; the patches which had more growth, are requiring less of it.

For those of you who are curious, I use Sephora number 31 foundation followed by Marcelle loose powder. This gives me a nice base to work with which passes inspection even in close quarters.

If you buy this product prepare to be patient. It will take a good year or more to clear some areas but it’s worth the effort to achieve the desired result. It also It doesn’t hurt (even at the highest level) which is a big advantage if you are squeamish about discomfort.

All in all, a worthwhile investment.


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