an analogy

Here is an analogy for you:

You play a sport expertly well but then one day along comes someone who has never played it and proceeds to explain to you and to everyone else who's not familiar with it, the rules and techniques of how it should be done. From the very moment you listen to their explanation you know it is completely wrong. To add insult to injury, there isn't enough technical info at their disposal for them to weigh in so conclusively.

This is what it feels for a trans person to read the theories that were going around (and still are) about what causes us to be the way we are. It seems at times that there is no shortage of so-called "experts" pronouncing themselves on something they have no personal experience in and nothing particularly solid to back them up.

Despite the amount of published literature, the science on this subject is still woefully lacking, so the most intelligent thing one could do is refrain from making any type of definitive conclusions and yet these “experts” cannot help themselves because they are first and foremost driven by an agenda. They are like the used car salesman telling you that convertible was only driven by an old lady from Pasadena on Sundays. His prime directive isn’t to see you drive away with a perfect car but to sell you the car he wants to get rid of and hopes you don’t come back with a grievance.

Of course not everyone has a negative bias but it takes a trained person to detect the difference sometimes. Someone like a Ray Blanchard however, is clearly hostile towards trans people.

Once we understand this, it is very freeing because we can ignore all the noise and simply get on with our lives; provided of course we are allowed to.

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