There's no better compliment than being called a beautiful woman by other women and I don't take that lightly. I will admit that it is extremely affirming and goes to the root of any insecurities I may have had in the past about presenting as Joanna. I had nothing to do with my physical features but I hope these women were picking up a vibe about how I feel inside these days. I hope it is that which is radiating outwards because that is much more important to me. I want them to see the reflection of a woman who is sure of herself and proud to be who she is; someone who carries herself with confidence and a smile.

Everytime I am complimented I thank these ladies profusely and I think about the long journey to get to this junction of my life. I am not nearly as unhappy as I used to be to possess somewhat feminine features but I am much happier to be able to supplement them with a smile that heartily comes from my soul.

A little girl not older than 8 was staring at me yesterday as I paid for my groceries and I looked down and gave her a big smile.

She beamed one right back.

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