boring is good

It's fascinating to be in a crowded cafe or anywhere else and be completely ignored. You just fit in and the odd glance coming your way is routine because you are just another woman.

It took me a long time to get to a point which has now become anticlimactic; the point of almost being boring. But boring is also often good because it represents safety and comfort. I am the same person on the inside but the envelope has changed a bit. There are adjustments I make to voice, movement and to posture but that's about it. Yet it feels right. It is amazing how, the great majority of the time, there is little difference between the genders. I can really see that now.

I have given myself permission to change the wrapping and interact a little differently except that the tension that used to accompany all this is completely gone.

Yes, boring can be good.


  1. So true. It's funny when people describe their lives as "boring" in a negative way. I pray for boredom. The absence of fear, anxiety and trauma is (for me) an enviable state of being.

    1. it is important to feel that lack of anxiety and fear and just relax into the self :)


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