buying time

Geo engineering may be upon us because we may not have a choice. As countries try to keep the earth's warming below 2 degrees celcius, we need to buy time. This technique would be like exploding mini volcanoes of sulphate particles into the atmosphere to counteract the warming effects of carbon and attempt to cool the planet. However, this would not help oceans which would still be acidic and the danger of affecting weather patterns would be a factor.

I heard it explained as spreading these chemicals via the use of planes which would discharge them and delay the warming hopefully long enough to buy us time to eliminate our use of fossil fuels altogether. There are considerable risks to this method in unbalancing climates throughout the world but if we do nothing the consequences could be catastrophic. Scientists are studying the feasibility of this approach as we speak.

Of course Drumpf thinks that climate change is a Chinese conspiracy so, while we wait for the Republicans and in particular that idiot to be run out of Dodge, the United States we will be working backwards until an administration that believes in science takes control of the reins.

It isn't just the U.S. it is also Russia and Saudi Arabia, both also large fossil fuel consumers and proponents, who are going to push back on hurrying to eliminate fossil fuel use.

Our time is up.


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