"by Jove I think she's got it!"

The second born in the family is the sister who has, for many years, been in a Catholic religious order.

When she first found out about me she tried desperately to have me see the light and railed against this choice I had made. At that time she had no concept of what any of this was about. So, after sending me email upon email she finally began to realize that this was not something I was going to budge on because I couldn't. It hadn't been my choice to be born this way.

Finally after visiting Criss Pagani's site on her own and reading everything there, she finally saw the light and never bothered me again regarding this issue.

She was in town this week and we had lunch yesterday. When the subject came up near the end of our meal she saw how at ease I am about it all and how my friends, family and my children don't care that I am trans and she said:

"After all, you're still the same person"

Now she's really got it I thought to myself.
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