Quebec is not much different from the rest of North America. We have a homogeneous rural countryside pitted against increasingly diverse urban centers; a formula which only serves to entrench the cultural and political differences.

America is much the same, with blue cities surrounded by expanses of red in numerous states. The diverse populations of these cities contrast against the mostly white and conservative voters who increasingly cannot relate to communities who do not share their values.

I am not certain there is a simple solution for this, but if politicians were more interested in uniting rather playing division politics they would find more common ground issues to focus on. For example, everyone is interested in better health care, jobs, education and the environment but instead politicians are focusing on issues like immigration control and abortion which divide the voters and fan the flames of passionate opinions.

If this approach continues, America will be hopelessly divided and remain on the edge of culture war. People will continue to see their neighbors as the enemy instead of as individuals who want much the same things as they do.

Government has no business in the bedrooms of people and who they love and what they do with their bodies is not its business. Its job is to legislate policies that uphold the ability of a society to prosper. Under the current administration this is the opposite of what is happening and a bigger wedge is being driven between factions. This is of course deliberate and an attempt to stake territory rather than help constituents. It's governing for money and power.

Time for voters to wake up and realise they're being duped. Although, if we are to understand history and human nature, the founding fathers had no intention of instilling true democracy in their fledgling nation. What they wanted instead was the creation of an elite ruling class able to make decisions for the rest of the populace.

They succeeded with flying colors.


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