This presidency is deservedly going to go down in flames. Trump's history of shady dealings has finally caught up with him and the audacity to continue these backroom deals with Russian interests right before entering public office speaks to his sense of entitlement. No one with any kind of judiciouness would have attempted such a flagrant move unless endowed with that unique combination of arrogant and stupid.

Cohen and Manafort have given Mueller much more than he needs and connecting back the dots to Russia is likely already very well established. To what extent Julian Assange was involved beyond the Clinton emails remains to be seen but it is clear there were multiple players involved in this conspiracy of deceit.

The backroom workings of politicians are rarely exposed to this extent but then few of them as are audacious and moronic as Trump. When you are accustomed to get what you want you let nothing get in your way; not even common sense.

The next two years will be particularly uncomfortable for Mr Trump and deservedly so, for the office of the presidency is not a blank check to run an empire as well as pretending to serve the interests of people you care nothing about.

In that sense, the oligarchy that America has already become will be made a spectacle for all to see; which, at this point in that nation's history, is probably a very good thing.


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