for the coming year...

Personal insight comes in dribs and drabs and rare is the occasion where we have a sudden and huge discovery about ourselves or our place in the world. I have found over my lifetime that introspection combined with previous experience is what helps us shine a light on life and how to live better the further we navigate into it. If we are always in student mode, we can learn something about ourselves and others sometimes even on a daily basis.

Then one day, we can look back and realize the magnitude of our growth. The challenges we have been through have helped fashion a stronger person capable of appreciating the beauty contained in our existence with a greater gusto.

For the coming year I wish all of you the gifts of personal insight and of loving yourselves exactly as you were created. Let us practice the art of living in the moment and finding joy in the simpler pleasures that life has to offer.

Finding out who we are as trans people sometimes takes a little longer because we began this journey with a riddle we needed to solve. That undertaking has hopefully made us stronger, more resilient and has helped shape who we are as people.

As it turns out, a life without challenges isn't much of a life after all.


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