grasping at straws

Dissenters keep painting themselves into corners. They want to use mental illness as the reason for our existence but then most trans people are extremely high functioning. We occupy just about every known profession including some of the most challenging intellectually. Then there is being trans as social contagion which doesn't sound quite right either since no one in their right mind would choose to have the complexity of their life increase exponentially. Add to that those who think we want to take over female privilege (in other words, go down a few notches in social stature) and you begin to see the cracks in their argumentation rather easily.

It's called grasping at straws.

Societal change is inevitable and trans people are the last set of humanity that stayed hidden as long as it possibly could. But we will no longer hide or be erased.

Over the last couple of years, models Geena Rocero and Teddy Quinlivan came out as transgender when they didn't have to. Both were living in stealth and both are beautiful women you would never guess were born male. Their act of bravery and pride helped open even more doors for the rest of us and show that honesty and courage are what is going to help our community to survive and even thrive.

Little by little, the excuses to dismiss this community are falling into disrepute because they are false and because they are bred from hatred and resentment.

Teddy Quinlivan


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