it all went fine

It was a very small group at this little dinner. Including Patricia's teenage daughter Iva, we were 4 ladies and 2 gentlemen. One couple had to cancel at the last minute due to illness.

I felt comfortable the entire evening and interacted as I have learned to hone by now; always aware of the potential conflict between my socialization and how I was presenting. I never felt talked over or ignored because there was no male bully in the room. It was just a group of people enjoying a meal and a discussion.

My mannerisms or voice don't need to be fretted over any longer, so things came out naturally but I am always aware that behaving as a lady takes on a certain form. There is a small surveillance on my part as someone who has not been taught to behave that way as a norm. You don't want to be a caricature either.

Never was there a trace of doubt on anyone's face (that I could detect) which made me feel very much at ease and it was always 'she' and 'her' although I do not know whether anyone knows I am trans. It doesn't matter.

In the middle of January I will attending a presentation which will hopefully help this project receive funding and Madame Joanna will be there in her more corporate attire. There will be a short cocktail afterwards and yet another opportunity to test my blending and social skills.


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