Jesus saves

Jesus might save your life from misdirection but he's not going to repair your being transgender.

My friend Sherry was deeply offended by that video I posted a while back featuring Walt Heyer in which he and one other sex change regretter turned to the Lord to repair their psyches and embark on the highly personal journey to detransition.

However, real life doesn't work that way for all of us especially those who are truly trans.

Being transgender is the way one is born and has very little to do with acquired behavior. It is neither a vice or sexual perversion no matter how much naysayers insist. Therefore, those who have erred in their own introspective evaluation cannot deny others their right to lead lives which honour their identities.

If you are truly trans, turning to Jesus is probably more likely to help you to accept yourself if you really listen. If you are of sound mind you will be able to process your thoughts and come up with the right answer.

Now in her mid 40's and 20 years into transition, Sherry is deeply happy with her life as the woman she knows she is. She has never regretted her decision because she simply knew who she was from the outset.

No one, not even Walt Heyer, will convince her otherwise.


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