my wish

I want to wish anyone who reads my blog peace during this holiday season. We run around, we entertain and then collapse into stupors trying to recover our energy while bracing for yet another year. Life is short and full of challenges and we lose ourselves in the routine. As I age, I try and focus more on the little things that bring joy to what is often the mundaneness of our existence.

Those of us who have searched for our identities for so long should relax in the knowledge that the world has never been this primed for us. Finding your center has never been more possible in a world that is being obliged, often kicking and screaming, to accept diversity in all its forms.

There is balance to be found in escaping the artificiality that society thrives on and you will thank yourself for having the courage to redefine who you are on your own terms. Take a page from Jean Paul Sartre and look at things from a different angle and witness the ridiculous contained in our every day realities. At the same time find the sacred in yourself.

Merry Christmas.


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