Today I am lunching with a young woman of 30 named Christine. We met by frequenting the same establishment and after bantering each time it eventually led to a lunch. This will be our second one.

She doesn't know I am transgender and I am old enough to be her mother which is how I think she sees me. This works perfectly well for me and we seem to have no trouble talking.

My second life is beginning to expand itself and I am not fighting it. By virtue of the fact I live part time, it is natural to expect that things will change and with it my comfort level being a woman in these social settings. What used to involve hesitation is now routine and comfortable which I was unsure would ever happen.

The last remaining decision is work and then I would effectively be living full time. This will need to wait a while but at least all of this immersion is making things so much easier should I decide to go that route.

It's interesting how something so utterly scary and far fetched has become so normal and it boggles the mind how plastic our lives can be if we allow things to happen.


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