sartorial machinations

I took much of my feminine inspiration from my mother so growing up in the 1960's and 70's meant seeing a lot of well groomed women wearing dresses and pumps. My mother also wore (and still does) her pearl earrings which I tend to favor to this day.

My own style has evolved from there of course and these days I am wearing more pendant type earrings as well as more flats because I need to get around in comfort. My life as a woman has taken on a decidedly pragmatic side that didn't need to exist when I first entered my mother's closet about 50 years ago.

One finds their own preferences but it is all punctuated by a decidedly mental attitude which is more relevant. Over time, the comprehension of our own identity seeps slowly into the conciousness and begins to be the guiding force irrespective of what one wears.

No matter how one chooses to present, our internal sense of self should remain unchanged; which is the way it should be. You are still trans in any garb which is something that took me a while to appreciate.

Now this girl, knows a few things about clothes...


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