solving a puzzle

My life as a woman is more successful than I ever could have imagined. With rare exception, people who know Joanna don't know that she lives a different life at work.

I am able to communicate openly with everyone and feel free and happy to express myself as I see fit. This is probably the most liberated I have ever felt in terms of embodying a feminine being with her own increasingly independent existence.

At times it feels like I am crossdressing to go to work and then become myself in the evenings and weekends and perhaps that isn't far from the truth. You have to make your life work for you in whatever form will fit and that's what I have succeeded in doing. I have built myself an existence that honors who I am while balancing choices I have made in my life.

Life isn't perfect for anyone but we do our best to piece together a puzzle that works for us at each stage. In the meantime, things can change over time and we readjust sometimes surprising even ourselves with where we end up.

Just don't ask me to explain where all this comes from. I'm just as stumped as you.


  1. Good job.

    I find the greatest difficulty in this arises from having to deal with society. We, ourselves, know who we are; it's finding a way to fit that into society that makes living authentically hard.


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