this may be it

It's fascinating to interact as a woman in the world and I am learning so much. I couldn't do that in the past when I was so busy feeling self concious.

Now I have the same level of confidence no matter what garb I am wearing and I can observe the differences so markedly between how each gender is perceived and treated. The greatest gift to myself has been relaxing into the female role and basking in the sheer pleasure of it. I don't delude myself however; no matter what gender we are, each has its unique problems and challenges.

I now know that I could live as a woman and adapt and take whatever negatives come with that role. I have lived a more difficult life so far by withstanding the gender dysphoria which makes everything else pale by comparison.

What remains to be seen is where the comfort level peaks and where I stop in my transition journey. What I can state with some level of certainty is that even if this were to be my final resting point, I could live like this quite comfortably.


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