Probably the hardest thing I had to learn was to stop thinking of myself as weird. This is such an easy trap to fall into in this world because we are brought up to fit in. It takes more than a bit of courage to look at yourself honestly and accept what you see in the mirror.

That journey was particularly hard as a first born pleaser but it had to happen because my being trans wasn't going to go away. Removing layers of old paint from the psyche was an exercise that was long overdue when I began it.

Human beings are intrinsically weird creatures to begin with and we as trans people represent just another branch in the human story. I had to reflect on that plus think in terms of my individuality if I was going to accept myself. You are not someone else, you are you and, as simple and quaint as that sounds, it is the most fundamental building block in coming to terms with who you are.

Every once in a while I stumble and think about how weird my behaviour is compared to what I see around me. Why someone born male would want to be in any way female does not seem conventional but then I am not conventional.

I am the person I was born to be.
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  1. It is our innate weirdness combined with a less abundant quality; audacity, that has allowed the human race to succeed.

    We ( you and our friends here) are among those who have a chance to succeed. We have examined the world we have been given and have had the audacity to change the rules just enough. That crack lets the light in.

    1. audacity is a good way to describe it Halle because without it I couldn't have gotten where I am today. Its a shame that it takes so much of it to lead authentic lives...


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