why we're fated to be lonely


  1. Your posts are often thought-provoking and healthy in stimulating deep reflection. I worry that sometimes I'm repeating myself but, at the risk of that, let me react to this video.

    It's intention is good and, if it helps anyone feel better, that's great. I differ in my analysis of the problem. The problem is not us as individuals. The problem is a society which doesn't accept or value our individuality. It's vitally important to learn and remember that other societies have (in different areas and at different times) accepted diversity among their inhabitants. Our current society (where we live and now) is not the only or final judge of social organization.

    I guess being different from an early age -- and feeling good about that -- colors my view but I refuse to bow to the views of the majority simply because there are more of them than me. Numbers don't establish moral or social superiority.

    Anyway, off my high horse. Happy holiday, buddy!

    1. all the best to you as well :)

    2. I will actually disagree with you a little here. Individuals need introspection and that process is not often shareable. The point it is making is that we do not often (not even with a partner) get to share of our soul in the way we would like. We end up cutting that process short and in the absence of completion suffer from loneliness. We can be in a crowd of friends and feel detached and lonely sometimes (depending on our mood) and if the outlet is not there the feeling will persist. To be human is to be lonely and it is normal which is the ultimate message here. It need not be a problem to experience this longing, we just need to find ways to manage it.


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