a childhood regained

I didn't exactly get to live my youth the way I would have liked but then I suspect no one really does. There was never a truly carefree period where I could completely be myself and I suffered a fair bit of anxiety coming from being the eldest plus needing to hide a deep dark secret. Thus, I feel that I owe myself a childhood with the added bonus of having the mindset of an adult who knows a few things about the way the world functions.

I am not frustrated about this little injustice but have simply resolved to allow that lightness of spirit meant for youth to infuse my life. I don't blame my parents or society for this failing and, after all, life does offer us an opportunity to learn and grow at any age.

I intend to use my experience and live like I never have before; to let the inner child have some fun even as the adult navigates those unavoidable natural obstacles of our existence.

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