a little affirmation

I was approached this morning at a mall by a very nice man although I could instantly read what he wanted. He meant no harm and I decided to just chat with him for a few minutes.

He started by telling me he liked tall girls followed by the line that I should have been a model and looked no older than 40 which was a dead giveaway line. But he was so kind and gentle about it that I decided that being rude would be totally uncalled for. After I told him I was still married, he told me that my husband was very lucky and he then walked away with me wishing him a very nice day.

I will admit to you that this incident felt somewhat affirming of my femininity because it means my presentation is where it should be. However, I am also not looking for anything these days, from a woman or a man, other than peace whereas he was looking for a ciswoman to date.


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