an endless supply

Realizing that there is so much meanness and venom in the world towards transgender people should be strangely reassuring to us. Yes, it sounds counterintuitive, but my point is that you cannot worry about what everyone thinks because there are plenty of stupid people in the world and more where they came from. In fact, there will always be an endless supply of those whose malevolence is more powerful than their desire to do good.

I used to worry about how I was being perceived and how society would treat me if I were more open about who I am, and it turned out to be wasted energy. Those who think you are a freak will continue to so why not just live the way you want to. There is nothing more liberating than this.

Therefore, unplug yourself from the pressure to live up to an artificial standard and live your life knowing that there is always someone out there too ignorant to understand what makes you tick except that they don’t matter.

Your opinion, and that of those you love, are the only ones that counts.
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