After seeing the doctor with my son yesterday I realized he is not doing as well as we thought. He is on his way to failing some of his courses thanks to an inability to concentrate. He has apparently hit a bump in the road.

Hence we decided with the doctor to focus on getting well with a combination of medication and therapy and drop the rest of the school semester rather than fail it. She will provide a doctors note and we will hope he can go back in the fall.

I know how frustrating it is for me and it must be all the more for him. But I am trying to see this as a small misstep in the larger scheme of life where things could be a lot worse than they are. None of us are spared in life but I am convinced that he will ultimately prevail over this and grow all the more as a person.

I hope to see him renewed when he returns to school in the fall which he tells me he definitely wants to do. In the meantime the Spain trip will do the three of us a world of good.


  1. Bless you Joanna for your patience and support of your son while also likely dealing with your own worry and, maybe, frustration. I fully agree that this is just a small setback in the context of his life. Your investment now in him will return tremendous spiritual dividends for both of you.


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