dangerous times

This is a more dangerous time than ever for transgender and gender non-conforming people because through their increased visibility they have attracted the ire of the extremists. In the past you could hope to transition in stealth or keep your gender variance private, but with our coming out we have become a magnet.

I know I am relatively fortunate because I live in a very liberal province of a very liberal nation and I don’t take that for granted. Despite my stature I am also able to blend in well but others in the world are not so fortunate and are subjected to indignities that no one should suffer. All this because of the ignorance and brutality of people who are not enlightened and don’t want to be.

The United States is presently being held hostage by a radical cabal of extremists who are trying to take over the courts and take the country into a direction of mixing politics with religion which is a dangerous cocktail. The minute you start to discriminate based on gender, orientation, skin color or faith you have gone down the rabbit hole of radicalism and it may be hard to come back.

America is more polarized than ever and the Trumpists are beyond hope for there will always be that 30 to 40% segment of the population who has drunk the Kool-Aid and will believe only what they want to hear. It helps them in that there is a 24/7 propaganda channel in Fox News that feeds the pablum they need. Fox is the Pravda of the United States and, although not state sponsored, it might as well be when today you have an imbecile of a president who drafts policy based on its commentator’s opinions.

David Pakman, who is a brilliant young political commentator and YouTuber, has it right here I’m afraid. Some people are indeed just too stupid and beyond reach which is why I suspect the founding fathers never believed in true democracy because they understood that not everyone could be counted on to vote intelligently....


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