I am leery of medications used to combat anxiety and depression. My son is on Celexa and our recent attempt to switch to Effexor to improve things did not go well; he fell under a spell of fatigue and nausea which began to threaten his school year and so we decided to forego the process. He may try again in the summer or he may not.

I have always been anxious from a young age and so was my father except at that time we did not resort to medication. We simply got on with our lives and those uncomfortable times were handled as best as we could. We suffered through the discomfort knowing there was nothing else to be done.

I credit some of my fortitude today to having been able to withstand the pressure and not divulge anything to my parents. On the other hand I concede that today's microfocus world of social media isn't helping these kids; that and our rush to come to their aid and alleviate their pain and suffering. I see them now come to the workplace with a certain false confidence borne out of knowing there has always been a safety net waiting for them because they have never known anything different. To some degree, we have done them a disservice but I tell my son that dealing with his anxiety will only make him stronger in the long run and more appreciative when the veil finally lifts and he can see the world around him more clearly.

He will be 19 very soon and his body has stopped growing; at least vertically. At a very lean 6' 1" he carries his frame with an uncertain gait but I have confidence that self assurance will eventually come as he learns to harness his intelligence and use his naturally self-effacing qualities to his advantage.

But that will need to wait a little longer.


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