if it ain't broke...

When you frequent businesses, cafes and restaurants where you live, you become known after a while. Hence, I am now that over middle aged lady that people say hello to and I sometimes need to remember their faces as they do.

That list has become quite extensive and those overlaps have increased my confidence to a new high. It has allowed me to further appreciate my seemingly expanding time spent as a woman and test how I want to live going forward; some of which will depend on where I end up working.

But what is more pertinent today is that I have established a reliable and winning formula to manage my gender dysphoria and find absolute joy in the process. I find the interactions with others easy and relaxing and I am always treated and addressed as a lady which only confirms that I am doing things right.

One of those merchants I mentioned was only too happy to take this dressing room picture of me wearing a top she strongly encouraged I try on. It was simply too good a fit and price to pass up.

"It's you" she said and she was right.


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