nice to hear

This post might sound boastful but it's not meant that way. It is about the feeling of finding myself inside and how I hope that shines outwardly.

"I told my colleague the other day you're one of our prettiest customers" said the barista.

I blushed instantly of course and thanked her, proud that it's no longer an embarrassing or shameful thing to be called that.

"She told me how old you are and I couldn't believe it. What's your secret?"

I knew her colleague from her previous job at a shoe store and sure I told her my age at some point.

"Cream, cream and cream the face and the rest is genetics I had nothing to do with" I responded.

"But being happy in your skin and having confidence helps" I added.

Both these young women are quite attractive and not a day over 25 years of age so it did my confidence a world of good.

"I didn't have such an easy life" I told her without going into any detail and she furled her brow slightly as I said it.

"Well I hope everything is okay now"

"Yes it is" I said with a calm smile as I took my coffee back to my table.


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