no matter what happens

No matter what happens going forward I am already living my dream life as a woman; one which I could never have imagined possible. While the way I live may seem like a deep compromise to some, for someone who thought my current reality was only a distant pipe dream, it has proven to be deliverance on a grand scale.

Am I open to things developing in a different direction? yes but I am also not pushing for it with any kind of urgency and only time will tell.

We are all free to redefine ourselves at any time in our lives and brand our uniqueness against the landscape full of the bland conformity which much of the world seems to thrive on. Against this backdrop, I have arrived at a place of wonder which lifts my spirit every day and there is no price I can put on that.

I can only reflect and marvel at it and see it as my prize for the many years of paddling against the current.


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