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It has been mentioned to me more than once as to why I write more often now that my life as a transgender person has really begun to blossom. I have reflected on this and you may have noted that, over time, this blog has become more than a one trick pony. I have begun to express the fuller sense of who I am which is more than just a trans person. I think of myself, more accurately, as a person who just happens to be trans.

This means that my ideas on such subjects as politics, music, philosophy, human culture and religion will be expressed more often and, at the risk of inventing a word, through the lens of my “transness”.

I love to write and the human condition, in all its messiness, continues to fascinate me. We as a species are so mysterious yet at the same time so highly predictable in our patterns because much of the world continues to operate on the fear of difference and standing out among the crowd. This why I am in awe of people who can define themselves on their own terms and escape the gravitational pull of conventional societal wisdom to fashion a life for themselves full of originality, dignity and compassion for others.

To elevate each other as humans should be our goal and yet much of the world thrives on just the opposite and, as long as that continues, there will be much material to feed this blog.

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