when your ego is bigger than your brain

Trump is such a monumental knucklehead that in front of rolling cameras he makes a fool of himself in his inability to comprehend that a memorandum of understanding is the same thing as a binding contract. It is explained to him that this is the case at the world trade level but to no avail.

But since his ego will not allow someone else to possibly be more versed in a subject, he would rather appear to know what he is talking about when he clearly does not. Flustered, his trade negotiator finally gives up and calls it a contract just to appease and shut him up and what looks embarrassing to the rest of us, in his mind smells like a victory.

It boggles the mind and you know this will be told as a great victory at some future rally.

I give up...


  1. I guess your use of MoU’s is much different than mine. I spent 30 years in the semiconductor industry and dealt with all sorts of MoUs, between partners, supplier/customer, and others. MoUs were never binding. They spelled out the high points of the deal subject to our adding the T’s, C’s, and other details to what would become the binding agreement. It was more like a way of creating and documenting a common vision of the deal but all parties could withdraw or whatever. After all, some get stuck on those fine points, or, when others in the organization weigh in we’d learn practical realities that got in the way.

    In no way am I here defending Trump. We both agree that he’s a dangerous idiot.

    1. What's really annoying about this guy is that he has trade experts who know better around him and he has to play the oneupmanship game rather than defer to them. He ends up looking like a blockhead in the process and is too egotistical to realize it...


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