writing as therapy

Writing my blog has been more instrumental than I ever would have imagined and, by taking what was then scattered notes in a personal journal onto the internet, I created a vehicle for my own personal salvation.

I only realized this in retrospect and seeing the progress I had made since beginning to write. Many of you chimed in with your own stories and a good deal of you have written to me privately to express how much their own experiences mirrored my own. When you represent less than 1% of the population, finding kindred spirits becomes a lifeline you can scarcely afford to ignore and is one of the big reasons I was able to coalesce my thinking on this subject even faster. We should not live our lives in a vacuum when there is so much value in seeking familiarity of paths already tread by others like yourself.

In that sense I am very lucky to have felt the desperation at the time to try out this medium especially not knowing where it might lead. But then, it wasn’t such a large gamble to begin with.

I do think that therapy can be good don’t get me wrong, but there is no substitute for your own reflection without being cajoled in any one direction. Your understanding of yourself can be better defined when there is no else’s subtle influence to tell you what to do. I am too much a doubting Thomas to have believed anyone else’s guidance anyway, and needed to do this mostly alone with each passing month and year providing me with yet another piece of the missing puzzle.

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