you better watch out...

The establishment, which includes mainstream media, doesn't want Bernie Sanders to succeed because he upsets their apple cart. After all, this is a man who marched with Martin Luther King in the 1960's and isn't about false talking points. No, he is the real deal and they know it which shakes them to their core.

Bernie risks putting a big dent in their system of oligarchy which is why the major newspapers and networks, owned by billionaires who would stand to pay more taxes, aren't going to roll out the welcome mat and will make his ride as bumpy as possible.

But there is a new appetite among the people for an FDR style New Deal which would empower the lower classes and, by bringing them Medicare for all and free college tuition at the expense of regime change wars and the Wall Street parties, this would risk toppling what the top 1% has built at the expense of everyone else. Consider that in his first 24 hours after announcing, Bernie raised $6 million among 224,000 donors and if that isn't grass roots support I don't know what is.

Watch out Washingron establishment because he's coming and he doesn't accept PAC money.

If anything, having a complete shitshow like Trump as president has only increased the appetite of the masses for actual change instead of the false promises they're seeing and, at 77 years of age, Bernie Sanders might just be the man who delivers it.


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