I feel so glad for transgender and gender variant kids today that I can hardly contain my joy. Assuming that they are born into an educated and enlightened family, they get to make fully informed choices early in life. Gender has become more democratized than ever in our history and people who do not fit into oppressive societal roles can find a place for themselves. This includes deeply dysphoric transsexual kids who must transition.

My son described to me a young gay man in his high school who dressed female 100% of the time and did not consider himself transgender. He was expressing who he was which for him meant wearing female clothing. However he had no desire to change his body.

I am glad for myself too in that I have found a way forward as a gender dysphoric person. I cannot reverse all those years of suppression but I can live going forward in a way that honours who I am.

We can be a wonderful world of drag queens, crossdressers, gender variant and transsexual people and all live happily within the great bandwidth of humanity. We can support each other and cheer on our differences and let our voices be heard because our freedom dies with our silence.

The twisted and myopic people of this world (hello Mike Pence) ultimately cannot win because there is strength in trumpeting a human diversity which will no longer be kept hidden from full view.


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