culture war

I'm not certain that there is a bridge which can solve the culture war problem in the United States. The red and the blue sides are more entrenched than ever in the belief that the other side is a sworn enemy; a stance which is only amplified via each side's echo chambers. Make no mistake that this a cultural civil war taking place which pits urban against rural, religion against atheism and the extent to which each person is their brother's keeper. It will not be easily solved and in fact cannot be won.

I am not surprised that the country is so disjointed because the population is spread across such a vast landscape that the marked difference in thought was a virtual certainty. The problem is that this gap is being widened through a concerted effort to demonize the other side by feeding propaganda to such an extent as to make a meeting of the minds virtually impossible.

Could this be the beginning of a massive splintering that may never be repaired?

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