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External signs of religion observance do perturb me but I will defend the right of another person to wear them. My issue has to do with placing undo emphasis on the wearing of objects as being indicative of religious fervor. I find it irrational and overly dogmatic and failing to do so should not be viewed quite so drastically. But that's just me.

I remember an incident told to me by an engineering colleague whereby a Sikh gentleman was visiting a plant and was forced to remove his turban to accommodate the hard hat. Upon his return the turban was nowhere to be found and he had to be calmed down until it was eventually found. Again, I am at a loss to explain what I view as irrational behavior over an object tied to such a level of orthodoxy that it defies logic.

I would feel the same way about a Catholic who would freak out about misplacing their St Chistopher medal. It's not about a specific religion.

But now my provincial government has instilled a law that prohibits the wearing of religious symbols for anyone working in public office. This means that police officers, fire fighters, passport officers and any form of civil servant who deals with the public will be prohibited from wearing them.

Ironically, the Christian cross will be allowed to remain hanging proudly in the government common chamber on the basis of the argument that, upon its founding, Quebec was an overwhelmingly Catholic society. This of course reaks of hypocrisy because you either eliminate all religious symbols or none at all.

Quebec is having the same kind of challenge as much of the Western world in its assimilation of immigrants who are not of Christian heritage and form part of a visible minority. The world is increasingly becoming more mixed and the clash of cultures and religions is being felt everywhere.

However, irrespective of our biases (and I consider my own objection one of them) we should refrain from discriminating. Let people wear what they want; it's a free country.

Otherwise we risk feeding the alt-right crazies and their fascist tendencies which fit ever so nicely into the Trump base of loonies in the US.


  1. Of course your position comes from your own Christian based society, within the Christian tradition outward signs of faith are at most discretionary (for those not part of an order, or ordained into ministry) indeed if we read the Gospels we find that Christ disapproved of any outward displays of faith. However in some other faiths it is an article of their faith and it's practise that certain observances of clothing are honoured. To disallow this is to exclude certain groups from public service and is discriminatory. In many Countries, including the UK such a ban would be illegal.

    1. Exactly and it should be but our premier is trying which is unfortunate


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