I know for a fact that not everyone who reads my blog is gender dysphoric. Some of you might crossdress for a variety of reasons and can perhaps put away the clothing and the feminine expression for a month and think nothing of it; I cannot. Bordering on transsexualism has been difficult and I have been this way since I can remember.

My earliest memories include a desire to express a feminine self which was not allowed to blossom because of the sex I was born as. Dysphoria can be manageable for a time but the longer you ignore it, the more insistent it becomes. Hitting my early forties was my breaking point after which I could go no further and sought help at the hospital gender clinic thinking naively that I could be cured. That was 15 years ago, and I am no longer the same person.

Full blown transsexualism is no doubt even worse and commands your attention like nothing else. For someone like my friend Sherry, transition was not a choice; it simply had to happen.

Finding a solution that works for you is pivotal and without one your mind will not rest. Whether that be transition or not is up to you.

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  1. It is tempting for me to say transition is the only cure for transsexualism, since I have transitioned and know that all the other things I tried did not work, and this did. However, good sense and an open mind keeps me from believing that what works for me must be right for everyone.
    I do believe that the path that rids you of gender dysphoria has to involve knowing yourself inside out. I believe that means finding a therapist (not necessarily a gender therapist by the way) who will help you to find peace in other aspects of your life.

    Getting rid of dysphoria will not get rid of other co-related issues that you carry around. Understand what makes you tick; what pushes your buttons. It might be a hackneyed phrase, but know thyself.

    1. Wonderful advice Halle and oh so true

    2. Oh and let's please together when the weather improves 😉


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