"Hey gorgeous"

She leans over the counter and stares me square in the eyes.

"Don't say that" I retort

"Why not? that's what you are" she insists

She is my son's age and cute as a button and she chats with me while she prepares my coffee. She has the longest lashes I have ever seen which no doubt got a little bit of help.

I haven't changed anything except that I am hyper confident as a woman. I know who I am and that resonates with people who see me; at least that's what I tell myself. I think there is no substitute for drilling down to your core and discovering who you are which has always been predominantly female. It doesn't matter how hard I tried to disguise it; nothing was going to change it. Now that my concious mind knows it there is nothing else left for me except regale in it.

We can run but we cannot hide and eventually she catches up with you begging you to see the girl in the mirror and embrace her.

"I am you"


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