how we got here

Yes it was a flop. Neoliberalism and its dependance on markets adjusting on their own didn't work bringing the wrath of the white blue collar worker along with it. It is how Brexit happened and how a reality show tool like Trump was elected. People saw elitists who didn't understand them and they made them pay via the ballot box.

Conversely, the American right keeps making the same mistake forcing me to make one of two conclusions: they are hopelessly stupid or think we are because trickle down economics is a dud that will never work so long as greed overrides everything else. Companies look after their investors and could give a shit about the well being of a society. It is the worst kind of short term thinking which, if left unchecked, will continue to add to income inequality.

America's myopia is its raison d'etre which is its penchant for individual rights over collective ones. As long as this holds true a society continues to flirt with implosion. When the general population reaches a point of desperation they will revolt; something which history has seen time and time again. This is why the extremist right is seeing a surge bolstered by propagandist pablum in the form of FOX news and other outlets and it will continue to incubate hatred by finding all possible villains except the actual ones. Republicans and their chicanery are banking on it.

Right now many white blue collar Americans are voting against their own interest and don't even realize it and for that, there is no easy fix.


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