In the future transgender people will no doubt increasingly benefit from a world virtually devoid of gender stereotyping. Indoctrinations are powerful things and we realize it more as we age. As we look back we examine the tenets we took for granted as being factual and are aware how much of what we swallowed was steeped in societal custom. Thus, many of us alive today are still creations of Pavlovian experimentation and, because of it, separating how much of my thoughts on gender are hard wired biologically versus the product of social programming can be difficult. Nevertheless, I have worked at making a distinction between the two aspects to understand myself better. People like me who are well into our fifties were raised in a world where the divisions between the sexes were hard lines drawn so firmly as to give virtually no leeway.

I am fascinated by how these next generations who have been spared this stereotyping will comport themselves sociologically. For example, transgender people will have more choices of partners through meeting individuals who see them more as whole beings instead of unbending copies who are all expected to fit into the same mold.

It is an exciting time and, even as the radical forces from the right push back against advancement, there is so much more latitude and freedom today than I ever would have expected to see in my lifetime.

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