mental health days

Today I am off work and going to get my summer tires put back on the car as I don't want to drive to Ottawa on the 12th of April on my winters. That day is the start of my girls weekend and, if all goes well, I will be meeting Halle for breakfast before my friend gets off her Toronto train.

I booked 2 rooms in a nice old hotel right in the center which will mean doing mostly walking and leaving my car behind. Ottawa is a highly walkable city plus my friend is also in the early stages of her pregnancy. Thus it's going to be my chunkier heel pumps or flats for this girl and will save my stilettos when we go for dinner.

I am counting on no one needing to cancel this trip but you never know what could come up.

By the way, I call these occasional Fridays off when I can be myself for the entire day my mental health days and boy are they ever worth it.


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