New Zealand

The PC safeguards are quickly falling by the wayside and we are saying what comes into our minds; it is profusely ugly. Tucker Carlson was found to be uttering misogynistic and racist things and nothing will happen because he is on FOX. Trump, who is the worst kind of lowlife imbecile, talks about the barbarians at the gates and national emergencies and is a hero to the Christchurch shooter as well as to Breitbart's alt-right audience just aching to find some group to demonize.

Yes, the public discourse has coarsened and aided and abetted by the social media divide which allows hate speech to go unfiltered since it has it's very own platforms. The flames are even further fanned by extremists who are joined in their chorus by leaders of nations which is a very bad sign. I am a big believer in education but also feel that half the world's population is effectively brain dead and virtually immune to it which makes them easy pickings for extremist propaganda. These are the kinds of people who will not discern but swallow the hateful pablum whole without a second thought.

I am still hopeful that the newer generation will find ways to get along and rid themselves of the prejudices of an entitled white race which desperately needs to get its head out of its ass before something far worse than New Zealand happens.


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