not so fast

There are plenty of other investigations into Trump throughout the country so while special counsel Robert Mueller could not conclusively prove that there was conspiracy, he made sure to very clearly state that his report does NOT exonerate Trump. Poor hand picked William Barr may have hated to include that part in his 4 page synopsis.

So while Republicans are cheering from the rafters and saying that this so-called "partisan report" should be burned, there is plenty of meat in that 600 plus page document that will be of great interest to Congress.

If I were Trump I wouldnt go back to sleeping too comfortably just yet although publically he will be touting this as a definitive clearing of all potential crimes. One thing is for sure: the American people deserve to know the contents of that report.

Ask yourself one simple question: if there was no collusion why did so many people surrounding Trump lie so much about Russian contacts? Perhaps because it wasn't so much Machiavellian tactics at play as a bumbling exercise in greed.

Let's wait and see.


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