playing it for laughs

Poor Piers Morgan is a smug and arrogant prick who unfortunately represents one faction of the conservative community who uses this very argument on trans people:

"Today I feel like a boa constrictor so I'll call myself that"

Not only is this line of argumentation frightfully stupid but it is also disingenuous. A human and a snake are not biologically the same but a man and a woman are in 98% alignment. Add to that the fact that one's identity is not germinated in the genitals but in your mind, and you can see how these silly analogies from the right are easily dismissed. They do however play for a huge laugh from the peanut gallery of the simple minded; the kind of people that Morgan is playing to.

This subject is too complex and nuanced even for those of us who have been reading and studying it for decades, hence the opinions of prejudiced knuckleheads doesn't count for much. However, just once I would like someone on television to adequately call these morons on their flimsy arguments meant more to ridicule than address the topic seriously.

Unfortunately much of the time, even the sacrificial trans person arguing back on the show is often ill equipped to respond due to their lack of knowledge of the literature and of the limited science we possess.


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