salt water

I have been thinking about collating all my posts related to pseudoscience into one area on my site but I still need to figure out how to do it. I won't feature them all but just the ones I am most happy with. There is nothing more galling to me than reaching conclusions without sufficient evidence and whether it's Blanchard, religious crackpots or TERFS, there are different agendas out there all aimed at delegitimizing transgender people.

Consider that we are as old as humankind and yet our pursuers continue to push their agendas, some as if we were the new flavor of the month and had just been invented, when the only thing that has changed about trans people is that we are no longer in hiding and aren't going back.

I was trained to think rationally first by my father and then by my formal education and, finding holes that you could drive a truck through in the conclusions made by people who don't know what they are talking about, is one of the primary reasons this blog was started. Therefore, even if the personal distress is gone, my indignation towards stupid or disingenuous human behaviour remains wholly intact.

When I saw him last time, the endocronologist Dr. Morris gave me some good advice regarding all this which is to ignore. But I have swallowed far too much salt water over my lifetime to allow ignorance and malevolence in the guise of objective truth to let that go unpunished.


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