simple minded

People who don't understand trans people think that we're somehow stupid; that we're not aware that we don't change our DNA if we transition. We transition to rid ourselves of a dysphoria whose origin eludes us and tells us repeatedly that we belong to the other gender. If a transition quiets the noise and we are happy afterwards, then we have done the right thing. There is no agenda other than that: to live in peace and harmony just like everyone else.

If I see another conservative ignoramus post something stupid about body modifications not changing the fundamental biology, I think I will scream for these people are thick beyond words. There is mean-spiritedness behind their movement and they want to focus on things that divide rather than unite humanity; it is part of their ethos.

Transgender people want to have resonant lives instead of dissonant ones. It is very simple and yet so difficult to understand by people only interested in literal and unnuanced interpretations of everything. I wrote about dysphoria the other day and another word for it would be dissonance; the feeling that something does not align. We cannot expect people who do not have it to understand it but we would like their empathy and acceptance that we're not making things up.

We are hardly stupid and many of us have higher than average IQs, so please, spare us the simple minded argumentation for we are of perfectly sound mind. Now go and do your homework.



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