Rural versus urban folk have always been drastically different in any country but the current US situation is particularly marked. There is a lifestyle divide but also a political one which pits what some describe as good old American values against urban liberal elitism.

This happened over a long period as the Republican party made major inroads into the midwest and the rural south where Democrats used to be in the majority. This contrast is so stark today that I am not sure there is a way to bridge the gap because it permeates all the way into the life mantra DNA.

Religious observance also separates the two groups which is something that does not endear one to the other. Perhaps this is what helps feed the anti-intellectual sentiment in the red states.

If there was ever a situation ripe for social unrest it is this one and, although it may not end in physical violence, in certain circles the resentment seems to border on it through being fed by fanning those internet echo chamber flames.


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