sure footed

My experiments are going well and I am trying to see how comfortable I would be living as a transitioned woman. There is no one pushing me from behind and that makes it very comfortable. People don't give me a second look (unless its height related) and treat me like any other woman which is making it easier to decide but if you know anything about me by reading this blog, I take nothing as a given. My steps will continue to be sure footed and will segue towards my July visit with Dr. Morris. That appointment may lead to nothing but I need to have another chat with him to be certain about what to do.

Being female feels natural to me and always has; I just pushed that possibility away as a pipe dream but, with my full embracing, it is starting to feel like more than a plausible option. I have all my arsenal built with decades of practice under my belt and am ready to make a switch at a moment's notice if I wanted. I have come to appreciate that woman inside of me and, more and more, I am really liking who she is.

My children have let me know in no uncertain terms that they don't care what I do which is very powerful as, besides my own hesitation, their objection would be my only hurdle.

"Baby steps Joanna" I tell myself.


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