the end of the party

Neoliberalism was a failed experiment. Espoused by the Clinton administration, Tony Blair and other world leaders it sought to work with open markets and open borders to encourage trade between nations without understanding the consequences of what that would mean for the middle and lower classes.

Corporations ran rough shod over the portions of those populations that could not be retrained and helped to create the current income disparity we see today. Without proper safety valves, nations such as the US were particularly vulnerable since those on the bottom rung had nothing to cling to.

This also led to dissatisfaction in Britain and helped foster Brexit as well as aid the election of Trump through the mistrust created by these open border centrists. Hillary Clinton and her policies represented the epitome of this movement which voters rejected.

If there is to be some good news to be had here is that the progressives are taking over he landscape thanks to a disastrous Trump takeover of the GOP. Many of the low wage voters who took a chance with him now realize what a mistake it was to bank on a candidate who was only going to help the interests of the top 1%.

So in essence Trump has helped propel the green new deal forward and energize the millenials who want to change a crooked system rigged to function through a Wall Street without restrictions. Corporations don't pay taxes and take their money off-shore while paying higher dividends to their wealthy investors.

It was an incestuous party which continued to feed itself until it got so huge it could no longer be hidden and now it's time for it to end.


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