the new bra

"Can I help you Miss?"

I was rummaging through the sales bin at Victoria's Secret and she caught me by surprise. She was all smiles and not a day over 25 (to my eyes anyway). The bras were all $25 and it was down to the fleshy coloured one pictured below or a brown one. I asked her which of the two would be the best choice to not show through under clothing.

"The flesh colored one" she responded without missing a beat. A woman about my age had been listening and nodded in agreement and another sales girl who had snuck up from behind made it unanimous.

"Are you sure about the size? Most women wear the wrong one"

"Oh yes I've been measured before" I said confidently.

At least it wasn't hot pink because I have made that mistake before. I didn't try it on at the store, but upon returning home it fit like a glove and inconspicuous under my top.

I'm really glad I listened to them.


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