tiresome and old

Conservatives are a funny lot. They use argumentation that is so flimsy and discriminatory against transgender people that they don't even bother hiding their profound disdain.

This editorial in the Wall Street Journal is the same old claptrap about accommodation leading to violation of safe spaces for women. Never mind that trans people experience disproportionately high levels of violence per capita and they don't agress against anyone. Nevertheless, the writer Ms. Shrier, wants to protect 50% of the population by discriminating against the 0.6%; rocket scientist argumentation clearly this is not. She suggests that we are opening the door for men pretending to be women? (does that one ring a bell?)

Nowhere is the subject of gender dysphoria mentioned, the difficult lives of trans people touched on, or the general complexity of this issue addressed but then we need to remember that this is written by a conservative and they don't do complex or nuanced....

(NB: I was able to read the editorial on my phone without being asked to subscribe)


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